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Translations and video production

If you are providing content to the Australian Deaf community, the public or for general consumption, we recommend having it translated to Australian Sign Language so it can be accessed by those who use Auslan as their primary language.

Being able to access and understand content is particularly important for complex documents, policies, and information relevant to the Deaf and HoH community.

Access Plus can provide an Auslan translation of your content from a native user who can break down concepts and create an accurate video representation. If you have a script or document that you wish to create a video from we can work together to build the Auslan version.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to create a translation  


If you want to make your videos more accessible for the Deaf or just require captioning, we offer a service to place English or Easy English at the bottom of your videos. This increases the accessibility level of your content and improves understanding.