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What is Access Interpreting?

Our Access Interpreting Team at Access Plus have been delivering quality Auslan interpreter services for Western Australians since the 1980s. Access Interpreting is one of several departments at Access Plus, and the team is here to help you access the interpreting services you need. By providing interpreting services, both face-to-face and through video remote interpreting, we can continue to foster a community of communication without limits in WA, Perth, and all over Australia.

Ensuring everyone has equal access to everything in life is the whole reason we provide our Access Interpreting services (Auslan connections). We place access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the centre of everything we do because we want to foster a community of communication without limits for everyone in WA. We only employ NAATI-credentialed Auslan interpreters because we want you to have the highest quality service possible. We are an ISO 9001 certified company, and that means our services are of an internationally recognised quality. Book an interpreter today at the link on the right. And you can always learn more about our services below. 

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We have been helping to break down communication barriers since 1921. The team at Access Interpreting are here to continue this tradition by providing quality Auslan interpreting services. We only hire NAATI-credentialed Auslan interpreters, and this way you know you’re receiving the quality of service which you truly deserve. Get in touch today to see how our sign language interpreters can help you break down communication barriers.

For emergency Interpreter bookings

Please call 0410 017 540 for sign language interpreters. Special rates apply for this service and it is only available between 5 pm and 8 am Monday to Friday, weekends, and public holidays.

How can access interpreting help me?

Interpreting Services

Our team of Auslan interpreters are here to help you access the services you need. Our team has experience interpreting in healthcare, education, justice, and workplace settings and we’ve been interpreting for Deaf/HoH West Australians since 1921. Our interpreters are all NAATI-credentialed to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

Video Remote Interpreting Services

When an interpreter isn’t available face-to-face, our VRI (Video Remote Interpreter) service is the perfect alternative. Using the service is easy, you can even use it on your phone! We made a video below about how the service works.

Captioning services 

Our captioning services can make the video content you make more accessible. Captioning content enables Auslan and English users access the same information. By providing captions, you can open up the things you create to a wider audience to access.

Translation services

Our translation services help many people understand and get through the complicated forms we all come across in life. We can provide on-site deaf translation services. Alternatively, you can send through your documents and we will create an Auslan translation. Just ask if you want to know what we can translate.

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Our VRI/Video Remote Interpreting Services

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