Our Approach to COVID-19

Community & You;
Keeping our Community, Clients, and Staff Safe

The health and safety of our community, clients, and staff are important to us. This is why Access Plus has decided to take several risk prevention actions to help protect our clients and staff from COVID-19 and still provide the services you rely on.

To ensure our field staff can be supported as well as possible, we’re encouraging our office staff to work from home for several weeks, starting this week. As a result, the Access Plus office in Wembley will be closed to the public and is unlikely to be staffed during business hours. We’re still here to help and support you during this time, and you can still talk with us via phone or email during regular business hours.

For more information about the steps we’re taking, please read our fact sheet available next to this text. It describes what we’re doing and why, alongside what you can do to ensure everyone in 

Information for Deaf/HoH Clients

Video on Our approach to COVID-19

Other Helpful Information

WA Department of Health COVID-19 Update 

The WA Department of Health website is one of your best sources for up-to-date and relevant information.

Please visit this website if you have questions about COVID-19, what the State Government is doing, and how the situation is changing. This website is provided by the State Government and Access Plus is not involved with writing that information.

Health Direct
Symptom Checker

Health Direct is a website provided by the Federal Government with support from the State Governments around Australia.

This website has a series of questions to ask yourself to check if you have the symptoms of COVID-19. This website is provided by the Federal Government and Access Plus is not involved with writing that information.

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