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Western Australia 6014

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Language Early Acquisition Program (LEAP)

LEAP: An Auslan Playgroup for Young Kids 

For children aged 0-6 we offer our Language Early Access Program (LEAP) based out of Wembley.

LEAP is our bilingual, bi-cultural playgroup for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, or hearing children with Deaf parents or family members.

This can be a great place to bring your children to ensure more exposure to language and the Deaf community and have them interact in a playgroup environment.

LEAP offers: 

  • A fun and interactive environment for young children,
  • Activities that encourage social engagement and play,
  • Language development opportunities for children in both Auslan AND English

Children have a higher capacity to naturally learn language at a young age so get in contact with us to learn more about our Auslan playgroup for young kids.

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