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What is Auslan & Training At Access Plus?

 Our Auslan and Training Team at Access Plus have been connecting Western Australians to Auslan and Deafness Awareness Training since the 1990s. Auslan and Training fall under the Access My Training department at Access Plus, and the entire Auslan and Training Team is here to help connect you to Auslan whichever way is best. By offering Auslan classes, Deafness Awareness Training, and Language Early Access, we continue to work towards fostering a community of communication without limits.

We offer our Auslan and Training services to ensure everyone can learn Auslan or learn about Deaf culture. Our Deafness Awareness Training is designed to help hearing people understand Deaf culture and empathise with how Deaf people engage with the world. Our Language Early Access Program is designed for families with children under 6 who use Auslan at home to learn both Auslan and English. We place access for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the centre of everything we do because we want to foster a community of communication without limits for everyone in WA. This is why we offer our classes, training, and language programs to bring Auslan to more people.

Want to learn auslan?

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Our Auslan classes are for everybody. We are also providing our Auslan courses online. We’ve designed them to be accessible by everyone, all over Perth, because we all have different reasons for wanting to learn Auslan. Perhaps you want to communicate with a friend at school, or you want people in your family to learn so you can sign with them. Access Plus is here to help everyone learn Auslan and engage with the 1 in 6 Deaf/HoH Australians. What are you waiting for? Join the conversation today!

How can Auslan & training help me?

Deaf Awareness Training

Our Deafness Awareness Training is free for workplaces who employ a Deaf/HoH person, and can be renewed every year. The Training is designed to educate people about Deaf culture and help hearing people empathise with and understand the barriers Deaf/HoH people face in everyday life.


Our Auslan classes are one of the biggest ways in which we bring Auslan to people all over WA. We have three levels of class; Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, so there’s something for everyone. Our classes are designed to teach you how to have a signed conversation and later, to get an understanding of Auslan syntax.

Language Early Access Program

The Language Early Access Program, or LEAP, is our bilingual playgroup for children under 6. Open to hearing parents of Deaf children, Deaf parents of hearing children, or families who use Auslan at home, LEAP teaches you and your child communication skills in both Auslan and English.

Custom classes and training

Our mission is to foster a community of communication without limits. We know that every situation is different so we offer custom classes and training for you or your workplace to make sure our content is accessible. Whether you want training at work, or a private Auslan class, we can help you.

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