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Introduction to our Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Classes

Access Plus offers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Australian Sign Language (Auslan) classes that are designed to start  you on your Auslan learning journey giving you a basic understanding, or take you to the next stage where you are comfortable communicating in Auslan, to those who are ready to learn more advanced linguistics and further structure or perhaps you are seeking the first step in a new career path to to being a Certified Auslan Interpreter? For whatever you seek in learning Auslan, we at Access Plus have a class to suit you.

Access Plus offers condensed – 4 day basic and intermediate courses during the school term breaks as well as classes during the school term for both levels. Our advanced course is available during the year dependent upon numbers and is for those who are ready to learn at an equivalent of a Certificate II competency.

Introduction to the Business Classes

Access Plus provides Deaf Awareness Training for workplaces so that you can better understand how to communicate with those that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. This training is conducted onsite and is tailored to each business. Our Auslan presenter takes you through a visually guided presentation with support from one of our Auslan interpreters. We find that this way of presenting our training allows for a more in-depth understanding of the course.

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