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Assistive Technology 

Making sure you or your deaf family member or friend is comfortable at home is important. This can mean ensuring you have the best technology so you are safe in case of an emergency or just assist in everyday life.

To access these supports, one of our trained Occupational Therapists (OTs) will give you a ‘functional assessment’, identifying any area’s in your life you may need assistance with, and recommending supports that might be helpful.

This assessment looks at how a person functions in all area’s of their life, including , physical and emotional well-being. It will usually last for an hour and involve discussions on your daily activities, any challenges you face and your short and long term goals in life. At the end your OT will write you a recommendation.

Possible technologies include:

  • Flashing smoke detector: Are you safe at home? If you don’t have a working smoke alarm, the chance of dying in a house fire increases by 60%. To ensure you are safe at home install a smoke alarm with a flashing light, pillow shaker and/or beeper.
  • Light-up doorbells: Allows you to know when someone is visiting or delivering packages while you’re home through a flashing light/ alert.
  • Vibrating/ flashing light alarm clock: For when you don’t want to be late for work or morning appointments, the vibration/ flashing lights wake you up on time.
  • Baby alert alarms: Stay connected to your baby and their needs through the night and when you’re in another room. By signalling a receiver you can be alerted to your babies needs.

This assessment can be used to take to your NDIS planning meeting to provide support for your application. It can also be used within our organisation to find you appropriate supports and or assistive technology. While Access Plus doesn’t supply or install these equipment’s, we can offer recommendations to providers and assistance with receiving funding either through the NDIS or through subsidies.