Annette Perrin | Chair Report :

Another exciting year has passed for Access Plus WA Deaf, and we have seen some amazing changes in the way we deliver services and supports to our community. Our new name, new service offerings and new organisational structure all position us well for our planned growth in coming years.

Our mantra of “access for the deaf and hard of hearing at the centre of everything we do” has guided us over the past year in some key areas including:

  • We have been working hard to bring in better ways of engaging with our staff and community, with a number of surveys being completed to let us know how we’re going and where people would like to see us improve. This feedback is invaluable as we strengthen the organisation and further build relationships and trust with our staff, customers and community.
  • We have refreshed our policies to better reflect our culture and our strategic direction, and have introduced some additional policies and procedures that set us up well to continue to be an effective and fun place to work.
  • We have been continuing to refine the way we get a broader range of perspectives brought to help inform board decisions through evolving our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Subcommittee, and we continue to invite members of the community to express interest in being part of this valuable group.

As we head towards 2020 there are some exciting changes planned, including getting ready for our century celebrations the following year. It is also a time where we will benefit from changes within our Board, where new leadership will certainly bring new opportunities and some fresh perspectives.

On a personal note, I have been honoured to work alongside our staff and community for the last five years as your Chair and President. Each of you have taught me ways to constantly improve our services and supports. I have enjoyed having your trust as we work together to embrace our values, especially of ‘change’ as we have evolved so much in recent years and I’m confident that the coming years will continue to embed our other values of community, access and inclusion so that we can all enjoy a community of communication without limits.